Magic is very magical – Air Jordan 6 maroon

Michael Jordan, a man who influenced countless people, the god of basketball, the man who created countless miracles on the court, announced in 2003 that he was officially retaliated for the third time. Although Jordan retired from the basketball court, but on the myth of Jordan is still continuing, the continuation of this myth is the name of the brand named Jordan Air Jordan. The main character of this article is Air Jordan series sixth basketball shoes, shoes full name is Air Jordan 6 Retor maroon, the Chinese name “magic red” magic red very magic – Air Jordan 6 maroon, this shoe is at first glance looks humble , Look more and more look at the color, as if the soles of the red that really magical. There are players called the shoes for the “aunt red” magic red is very magic – Air Jordan 6 maroon, in fact, from the color quite kind of magic magic is very red – Air Jordan 6 maroon. The following simple to talk about the magic of this pair of magic red.

Air jordan6 officially launched in 1991, it was in that year Joe Bangzhu led the Bulls in the finals beat the “magician” Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers, opened the Bulls dynasty model magic red very magic – Air Jordan 6 maroon. The picture shows the Jordan foot wear Air Jordan6 and the magician duel and won the embrace after the embrace of the championship trophy, accompanied by Jordan to experience all this is his foot of the Air jordan6.

1991 Jordan Jordan brand launched a total of five colors are not the same air jordan6, respectively, Air Jordan 6 white red, Air Jordan 6 black and red, Air Jordan 6 magic red, Air Jordan 6 white blue, Air Jordan 6 carmine red. The first year of color in addition to the magic red are engraved in the past few years, and some color is also out of the low to help and female models, so that this 2015 magic red color is this shoes as the first sale in 1991 after the The first re-engraved, and the re-engraved is 100% of the first year of dress to bring the most pure Jordan shoes. These for my kind of deep complex feelings of the uncle in terms of injury value and chop hand value is immeasurable magic red very magic – Air Jordan 6 maroon. Originally did not intend to buy in the official website or the store can buy this shoe, who knows the day of sale in the micro-group there are buddies in the store to buy, so I immediately killed a shop to buy a pair, payment and chat with the manager That this shoe is quite big, but also to buy people are not many, the manager sold for so many years Jordan shoes also feel that this situation incredible. I guess the color of the shoes may not meet the public’s aesthetic, we still prefer those who need to increase the price and Yaohao lottery color it. Anyway, the original price to start this authentic first year engraved magic red I am excited magic magic is very magic – Air Jordan 6 maroon, the following is the moment to witness the magic.

First to a Joe Bangzhu’s footsteps Town House:

Because it is started in December last year, I am 20 degrees east and night every day, after buying a vacuum bag with a vacuum after the preservation, and so open the spring in the warm and wear. These two days to wear this shoe and the girl shot the age of the photo, just take this opportunity to take out the sun.

The logo on the shoebox

Wearing a vacuum bag “aunt red”

Magic red look


Phylon in the end with a heel at the visible Air-Sole cushion. Visible AirSole air cushion is the most early nike technology, Nike has not completely give up this technology, but now zoom in power of the era, this pair of shoes can be seen air cushion is more suitable for early shoes this kind of shoes for the feelings of pay. Air sole

Once naive to think that wear this kind of inflatable shoes inside is jumping higher. Close – air

AirJordan 6 tongue in the middle of a beautiful JumpmanLogo

Continuation of the Air Jordan5 plastic lace elastic buckle design, Air Jordan6 design is more compact, you can easily tighten the shoelaces, but also played a very good decorative effect. Air jordan5 Chinese kite color of the elastic buckle, picture for the online map

Air jordan 6 magic red loose buckle

The first re-engraved in 2000, but also from then on, “Jumpman” Logo replaced the previous “Nike Air”. 2015 section of the AirJordan6 magic red engraved OG first year of the classic NikeAir embroidery heel

Ngau Tau leather, leather and fabric combination of upper, comfortable and breathable

Mask tongue

Translucent outsole, Jordan shoes are very representative of the design

Insoles close-up, should be nothing to show off the technology it, after all, that year’s players do not now the professional players so attention to insoles

Landlord on the foot map, the footsteps on the election and my family princess photos with the photo, we pat ah

Finally, simply say a few words, spend more than a thousand to buy this pair of shoes is purely feeling, this shoe is basically the price of 0, wearing a play do not even think, usually pressure road is easy to dirty, long time to walk some uncomfortable , But who let the shoes is, watching the side line up Yaohao fare increase to buy Jordan shoes, I quietly comfort myself, in fact, I am not particularly a prodigal, but there is a little bit.